Successful ASO Positioning Techniques

There are more than 5 million apps on the App Store and Google Play. With the app store in full growth and with increasing competition, it is essential to understand ASO positioning. It is no longer enough to have a good application, now it is necessary to have good ASO tactics to reach users since it can be the difference between success and failure.

In this blogpost we will tell you what ASO optimization is and why it is so important to apply it correctly. In addition, we will show you the main advantages and give you some tips on successful ASO optimization tactics.

ASO técnicas para encontrar usuarios apps


What is ASO optimization?


The acronym of ASO means to App Store Optimization, it is about the optimization in the download platforms of applications for smartphones such as Google Play Store or App Store. ASO optimization is the process to maximize its visibility on app platforms in order to increase its traffic and the number of downloads.


Why is it so important to use ASO tactics?


How users search for an app matters a lot, as search queries account for 65% of App Store downloads. That is why we say that ASO directly influences the success or failure of an app.


Working on ASO optimization is as important as making your app useful and intuitive. That is why it is so important to use techniques to position apps in application marketplaces.


Apps that apply these types of techniques are rewarded with advantages that make their app more competitive by increasing visibility, achieving more organic downloads, increasing revenue and optimizing budgets.


What are the basic tactics to implement an ASO strategy?


There are very varied positioning factors that are found in the application (on site) or outside of it (off site). If you learn to use them correctly, you will improve your chances of appearing higher in search results.


Positioning ASO On Site


The ASO On Site positioning factors are those that are directly related to the application itself. We are talking about the Title App or the description, which must be written with the most appropriate keywords. For that you must do a search for keywords of high relevance, high volume and low difficulty or competition. Once you have the most suitable keywords for your app, you must use them in the following fields:


Title/App name

You must include one of the main keywords for which you want to position, next to the name of your app.


Developer name

The longer a developer has been registered in the different app stores, the better valuation they will have and, therefore, positioning.



Use some keyword related to your app. The main thing in the description is to highlight the main features and benefits.



It is very important to include the category that corresponds to the app to improve positioning.



A good featured image increases the install rate.


Keywords field

Include keywords related to your app. Choose the ones that have the greatest possibility of positioning and remember to put the ones you have included in the title.



Take the opportunity to describe the main and most interesting features of your app. You must include the keywords that have the most positioning potential.



A good icon that differentiates your app from the rest is always an advantage.



This is one of the most important ASO factors, it helps to increase your app downloads. You must include Screenshots that value your application.


ASO Off Site positioning factors


We also have to take into account Off Site positioning factors. If your application has a good design, fulfills its function and is well optimized, sooner or later you will have good results. Factors to consider:


Volume and speed of installations

The more downloads your application has, the better positioning. But, if the number of uninstalls of your app increases, you will lose ranking.


Reviews, comments and ratings

Good ratings and positive comments will increase the number of downloads of your app, which, in turn, will increase your app ranking.



Click-through rate is good for rankings. A high CTR rate will increase the positioning of your app.


External mentions via Web

Useful to help give credibility to your app and increase downloads.


Average grade

The higher the better.



Having few uninstalls and, in addition, that your app is used frequently, will help give your app greater visibility.


Web page

You will be able to give more visibility and have more downloads if you use links to the download page of the app stores on the landing page.


How do we evaluate ASO positioning techniques?


The tracking process for ASO positioning is very similar to that for SEO positioning. You must do a search for competitors and keywords followed by an app optimization listing to increase its visibility. It is important to monitor all actions and review the results to determine if the strategy followed is successful.


If you combine ASO positioning tactics with a functional, fast, well-designed application, and add an ad tech like Space that helps you reach quality users, success is guaranteed.