Turn every Euro Cup match into a victory for your app retargeting and awareness strategy


Soccer is one of the few sports that can ignite deep passion. It can directly affect people's moods and strengthen the bond between fans and their teams. This strong emotional connection gives brands a valuable chance to use these emotions in their mobile marketing strategies.

With a global audience of over 5 billion viewers, the Euro Cup is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. 

This reach gives brands a unique chance to connect with a global audience during the tournament. Each match is a key moment to use mobile app marketing strategies that increase visibility, expand reach, boost sales, and attract new users. By tapping into the worldwide fan base and exposure of the matches, the Euro Cup is the ideal time for companies to maximize their market impact.




During Euro 2020, various mobile campaigns achieved notable success, highlighting the effectiveness of sports marketing. A clear example is the Official UEFA EURO 2020 App, which became popular among fans by offering detailed statistics, interactive maps, and real-time updates. With millions of downloads, this app showed how a well-designed strategy for a specific context can capture the attention of a large audience at major events.





In Europe, e-commerce has become a key driver of the economy. This growth presents a unique brand opportunity during large-scale events like the Euro Cup.

There is a close relationship between online shopping and football, especially during high-viewership sports events like the World Cup or the Euro Cup. Major sports events inspire enthusiasm and passion, offering brands opportunities to boost consumer spending. During important matches, fans' interest and excitement translate directly into increased online shopping activity, especially in the e-commerce and food and beverage sectors.





Delivery apps are essential during key matches because they allow users to make instant purchases. Many people prefer not to cook and choose to use these apps instead. Brands can capitalize on this trend by offering quick, convenient solutions that encourage impulse purchases. By combining this with efficient delivery services and apps that immediately respond to consumer needs, a significant increase in sales can be achieved during these events.

Fintech companies use big events like the Euro Cup to connect with new customers and showcase their products and services.

Fintech and football are forming an increasingly strong alliance. Today, fintech is making its presence felt in sports. With 90 minutes of play and millions of eyes on the players, fintech has found an excellent opportunity for visibility. Seeing their logos on football team jerseys is becoming more common, demonstrating a steady growth in sponsorships. Since digital wallets are the most popular payment method among Europeans, fintech companies have an excellent chance to use the high visibility of the Euro Cup to promote their services. They can strategically position themselves to attract new customers during an event with global reach.


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At Rocket Lab, we suggest fintech companies use these events in several ways:

  • Offer exclusive discounts and promotions to gain fan loyalty.

  • Analyze fan data to improve services and personalize offers, increasing user value.

  • Facilitate the purchase of match tickets and official club merchandise through practical solutions.

  • These initiatives not only enhance the fan experience but also encourage the use of fintech services.

OTT platforms also have unique opportunities during major events like the Euro Cup. These platforms can attract and retain users by offering match analysis, exclusive player interviews, and documentaries on football history, creating a value proposition that appeals to passionate fans and casual viewers. An example is UEFA.tv, which 2019 used these events to provide live match access and exclusive content, strengthening its connection with fans.

With this in mind, if your goal is to optimize the impact of your marketing campaigns during the Euro Cup, it's important to develop retargeting and awareness strategies that resonate with users' interests and behaviors during the tournament.

17.5% of apps that use retargeting see a 25% conversion rate. Additionally, retargeting outperforms all other ad placement strategies with an efficiency rate of 1046%.

Brands can use advanced data analysis tools to understand user behavior during the Euro Cup. This allows them to make personalized recommendations based on previous interests and app activities, developing retargeting strategies for users who showed interest in specific products or activities like watching matches but did not complete purchases.

Using past app activity data is crucial for predicting which users will most likely convert after seeing an ad. With user-based retargeting, this data can adjust advertising strategies and offers to maximize each user's revenue.


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This approach is instrumental in e-commerce, where apps can create dynamic ads for products users have previously added to their wish lists or searched for. For example, an e-commerce platform could retarget users with ads for football merchandise or sports gear during the Euro Cup based on previous searches.

Companies should use the Euro Cup to run awareness campaigns.

The main types of retargeting campaigns are:

  • Those focused on increasing brand awareness.

  • Those aimed at driving conversion.

Creating and running awareness campaigns during this event is a great tactic for apps to capture users' attention. These campaigns should be engaging and relevant to the Euro Cup, using its coverage to maximize reach.

Brands, especially in the entertainment and fintech sectors, have the opportunity to launch awareness campaigns by offering exclusive content or innovative services like secure and fast transactions.

By focusing on a full-funnel awareness strategy, brands can capture the attention of a global audience, showcasing features and values that resonate with the Euro Cup. This introduces brands to potential new customers and helps convert viewers into loyal followers. The percentage of users who remained loyal was 20% higher among those exposed to a retargeting campaign.

How can you make your awareness campaigns more effective during the Euro Cup?

  • Integrate personalization and message relevance for your target groups.

  • Conduct detailed research to define your audience and identify messages that resonate with them.

  • Depending on the campaign's context and goals, communicate in a way that connects with your audience's daily lives.

  • Maximize the reach of your campaigns by linking them to exclusive Euro Cup content.

  • Offer services that are especially relevant during the event.

These insights are key for designing and launching effective campaigns during major sporting events. Retargeting and awareness tactics during the Euro Cup can greatly boost brands' visibility and impact.

At Rocket Lab, we specialize in helping you connect with the audience that matters most to your brand. Our team is ready to design effective campaigns that increase your visibility and strengthen your market presence.