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Why does diversifying the number of partners help your app grow?

If you are a mobile marketer you might be familiar with the everyday struggles to set strategies to get users to your app and retain them. It is not an easy job, user acquisition campaigns, reliable partners, data analysis, push notifications, a good CRM, a good product, nice creatives… A lot of things need to be in sync for your user growth strategy to be successful. 


diversification channels


One trend that is growing in the mobile industry every Q is the diversification of media partners, according to the Adjust’s App Trends Report of 2021, the average number of partners per app is around six, on all verticals combined. If we take a deeper look at each vertical we’ll see some different numbers. On gaming for example, the number of partners can get up to nine, the highest of all verticals. Fintech on the other hand is the lowest with only three. 


But after all, why is diversifying important?


First of all, when you diversify you are testing new sources to impact new users, most of the time different types of users, since they have different behaviors and also different sources use different algorithms to optimize and look for the best user. 


Let's say that you are used to doing your groceries in the supermarket next to your house. It's quite small one, with not much diversity of products, but you go there every week because you are used to it and it's pretty close to your place. One day your neighbour says that there is another one, pretty close to your apartment too. You go there to shop and there are way more products and they are also cheaper. This is exactly what might happen when you diversify, you might improve your cost per install because you’ve found a better source to provide what you need. 


Diversification also helps to avoid the saturation of channels. Let's say you are going to throw a Halloween party in your apartment. You forgot to buy the drinks for it, you rush to the old supermarket and they don't have enough drinks for all your guests, since it's Halloween night and another person already bought them earlier. You manage to buy a few bottles, you go to the second supermarket and the same thing happens. You check on Google maps a 3rd supermarket that is pretty close and there you finally manage to buy all the drinks for your party.  


This also happens to your campaign in some seasonal times, the number of people trying to get users on important dates saturates the market, so it’s important to have several partners so they can provide you with a few different users from different places. Not to mention that if you try to acquire a huge amount of users from just one place, it will stop being efficient and will just raise the cost per user, since the algorithm will be very aggressive on the ads and bid very high to try to fulfill the number of users you want per day. 


Different partners will also give you different users, with different behavior patterns. The sessions on apps are also on the rise, they increased by 30% from 2019 to 2020 and they continue to grow in 2021. This also reflects on the session per user per day, we are seeing users that are more and more active on apps. According to Adjust report, the day that an app is installed has an average of almost two sessions per user across all verticals. Also, the time spent per session has had an increase in the last year and is still pretty high across all verticals between day 0 (the day that the app is installed) and the day after the average time spent on in-app it is around 20 minutes. 


These are metrics you can easily analyze from partners. Finding a good media source that provides you with users with good retention that are very active in your app is key for user acquisition, return on investment and for the growth of your app. Be ready to test new media and partners, put aside a budget every month to test a new one, and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, so give a certain time for the partner's algorithm to understand your campaign and start showing some results that can be evaluated, this learning phase might take one to four weeks depends on how much is your daily budget.


Be open to diversifying partners, it might bring you great results and be the support you need to make your app grow!