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Marketing strategies for Qatar 2022 World Cup


The FIFA World Cup is a major sport event that soccer fans look forward to every four years.


Thanks to the popularity of the World Cup, this is a great opportunity to achieve better results in your app. To give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of this sport event, in 2018, the World Cup had a total audience of more than 3.5 billion, almost half of all the people in the world, with 1.1 billion watching only the finals.


Many apps can benefit from this transaction date. For example, for a virtual store in a World Cup year, it is very important to relate everything to this date. Users are more likely to spend money on products related to this event.


Everything goes around the World Cup these days, so you can't miss the opportunity to get the attention of more users. There are only a few days left for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and, of course, some big brands have already started commercial activities related to the event. If you haven't used any strategy, don't worry, you still have time.


Qatar 2022 World Cup Promotions


The digital marketing strategy for the Qatar 2022 World Cup aims to capture people's search traffic and interest in that specific topic, be it the national team, the games or the players, and use that interest to achieve better results in our app.


Consumers tend to associate seasonal sales with brand names, but limited-time sales have become an increasingly popular purchase incentive used across industries.


Limited time ads should start running as soon as possible. While the actual discount or free shipping may only be available for a few days, brands promote these special offers for much longer.


Ideally, ads should start running a month in advance to build awareness and hopefully build excitement, and then continue to run at the event itself. To attract users who may not have seen the first ads, post-event ads can help to increase exposure.


People sympathize with word-of-mouth topics because it makes us feel like we can follow important news and participate in conversations about it. There is nothing better than knowing your team's next rival, the result of the group or the possible rival for the next phase.


Therefore, when planning a campaign, the public will be interested in this topic and will be more receptive to your offer. You can also take advantage of the wave of "viral" content associated with this event and capitalize on it with one-off offers.

Email Campaigns


The World Cup can be a good time to expand your contact list. This can be done by offering some benefit during the World Cup Qatar 2022 or for as long as you see fit for those who subscribe to your database during the World Cup.


Another important aspect of email marketing is the focus of the content on the World Cup, which means being up to date with the latest football news in a language familiar to fans of this sport, but adapted to your app.


They can talk about the history of the World Cup, fun facts, comparisons where your products can work, and even use memes that can be very beneficial for your brand communication.


As we said before, it is advisable to create special FIFA World Cup offers and take advantage of them to send each of these promotions to your email contact list so that you can achieve a greater reach. Share your product or service by email more frequently, users are very aware of the internet during the World Cup, take advantage of it.


SEO optimization


A website that is properly optimized for SEO will give you a better position in the search engines and bring the ideal traffic to your app.


There are many ways in which you can apply SEO, you must focus the web page of your app on the Qatar 2022 World Cup.


You can use Google Keyword Planner for this. With this program you will be able to find or select the most wanted articles related to the FIFA World Cup, that is, the elements that people are looking for the most. The most searched topics during the World Cup are some players, jerseys, shoes, national team. Once you have created a list of the most searched words, it is time to choose the most appropriate words for your app and use them on your web page.


Adapt your social networks to the World Cup


Use images that are related to the event, comment on the matches, interact with people, share the articles of your page through social media. This will create better user engagement with your content, so you can get the most out of the World Cup fever.


World Cup merchandise


You can make a small investment and make raffles among your followers or new followers of World Cup merchandising, this attracts more customers and creates empathy.


You can also apply it to any element allusive to the World Cup in the purchase of your products or services, so customers will feel that they are earning more than they pay and associate your products with the World Cup.

Content of the World Cup Qatar 2022


Now is the time to use the efforts of your app's content team to attract new subscribers and expand your users. As interest in the World Cup has been high throughout the month, there are plenty of opportunities to test out different ad variations and determine which elements resonate best with World Cup fans. Periods of high interest and content creation are good opportunities to combine user acquisition and retargeting strategies. This way new viewers get in the habit of watching new content and existing subscribers can reuse the content.


The generated or written content must have a clear title for the objective. The main keyword must be in the title, it must be noticed and it must reflect what you are selling. By correctly applying SEO optimization during the World Cup, you can see that statistically the visits to your app's website will grow considerably.


For any strategy that you plan to implement, you can complement it by advertising in digital media, for that you will need ad-tech experts to help you channel your ads.

Customize and test your World Cup ads


ads_worldcup_ fifa


Advertising plays a big role in generating extra revenue for dates and time-limited events, but to create compelling ads, you need to understand what elements will engage your users.


You should test multiple ad formats and create multiple variations. The best strategy is to test different creative formats to see which will drive the most engagement.


The same goes for ad variants. Testing different visuals is key to discovering which images or specific keywords resonate best with your audience.


Try 2-3 keywords like X% off, free shipping, today only, rush, limited time sale, limited edition, special offer, final sale, express sale. Play around with colors and theme elements to see which combinations drive the most conversions.


Create multiple ad variations. Brands use similar ad templates with different visual elements like colors, keywords, images, and animations. This will make it easier to A/B test your performance and optimize your creative strategy based on the results.


Focus on deep links. Use them to direct users to the specific part of the app they want to see when they click on an ad, eliminating the hassle of finding a specific promotion or product on their own. If the user has already selected a product in the app, the deep link can take them to the shopping cart to complete the purchase. ‍