Content marketing strategies for apps

In the app world, competition can be tough and that is why, when launching a new app, it is very important to define a good digital marketing strategy focused exclusively on the mobile applications niche.

app content marketing

Your app working perfectly and being useful for users is not enough. You need to reach your target audience. A digital marketing strategy for apps is essential to stand out and position yourself among the most downloaded and used applications.

Content Marketing is one strategy you can use to highlight your app. In this blogpost, we share some tips that will help you make your mobile application reach more users and achieve more downloads.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing consists of generating valuable content to attract new users and increase conversions.

In the stores, there are more and more apps, which naturally makes it difficult to stand out. There are several strategies that you can implement to attract users to your app, such as advertising in digital media, implementing ASO positioning tactics, having a brand with a solid branding strategy, and developing unique and attractive storytelling for the target, among other strategies.

Among the strategies that you can implement is content, where you can attract your audience through various channels. One of the characteristics of Content Marketing is that most of the time it has a very low cost, compared to user acquisition campaigns on social networks or Google AdWords, for example.

What are some content marketing practices to promote your app?

Set your goals for Content Marketing

content marketing goals

You will not get very far without a goal, a phrase as repeated as it is true. All content strategies have a set goal. This is what guides your content, helping you design a strategy that will impact your audience.

Some of the objectives of the content strategy are:

  • Increased subscriptions for a newsletter
  • Brand/application awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Increase downloads
  • Sales increase
  • Higher user retention rate

Research the interests of your app users

You have to know your audience well. Gender, age, city, region, country, interests, etc. Users use their phones to perform specific searches. Create a list with the topics of interest to your app users and generate content about it. For example, a good strategy would be to talk to them about problems or needs they have and present your app as the solution. 

Speak the same language as your audience

arget audience content marketing


From the beginning, you should use a tone that matches the positioning you want to give your app and users' profile. For example, if your app is for a youth audience, you should use more informal language.


The text has to be relevant and original. Try to create something that you would like to read if you were part of your audience, and create content that adds value, and helps users fulfill a need.

Visual elements

Adding images, videos, infographics, and audio, when relevant, is a good idea to capture the user's attention.

All these elements create a story (storytelling) about your app that will provoke the curiosity of potential users, positioning your app as an expert in the field. Not only will it help you attract new users, but those you already have will be able to discover new features of your app and return to it, so you will be able to improve retention also.

Choose topics suitable for your target audience

The content you create in your Content Marketing app strategy must be relevant to your audience.

The topics you write about have to add value and be useful to your users.

The better the content, the more it will attract users a, achieving greater reach and consequently, you will have more chances of conversion. If you gain the trust of your users through content, the rate of conversion to installation will be higher.

There are plenty of engaging content ideas you can start with. Broadly speaking, we can distinguish three main themes:

  • Industry explainers: If someone has taken the time to download your app, chances are they're deeply engaged in your industry. Use your app to generate knowledge about your industry by offering value to your audience.
  • Product sneak peeks: Mobile apps are a great way to get customer feedback. Offering previews for new products and inviting customers to participate through in-app surveys is a good idea.
  • Tutorials: value is key in the content strategy, and explanatory videos are perfect for transmitting it directly.
  • Sales promotions: the communication resources that the apps have allow you to promote sales and special offers with immediacy and urgency.

Create channels to spread your content

channels content marketing

There are many options to distribute the content of your app, if you want to know which ones get the best results, the answer is simple, it depends on your audience. You need to find the right channels for your audience.


The blog is one of the most popular examples of content marketing, here you can create quality content capable of attracting and generating web traffic.


Creating a community around a brand can become a great opportunity. It is about creating a space for followers where the company does not speak, but its users are the ones who contribute directly. It is a good opportunity to bring together the community of users most loyal to your brand. An open door to create exclusive content for them, to try your products for the first time, and to generate special offers based on their needs. A community generates in users a feeling of belonging to a group of individuals who a priori have something in common. It allows them to relate to other members who identify with the same values.


A popular way to present content is through a microsite. A microsite focuses on a specific theme or topic, with visually striking content. The microsite creates a meeting place that positions the brand as an active member of the community. The difference between a microsite and the content that can be created within the website (such as a blog) is that the microsite has its brand.


The ebook format is quite common because it is relatively simple content to prepare and is usually well accepted. It is the most common when it comes to attracting subscribers, where the ebook acts as a currency: I want your ebook and I share my contact.

An electronic book sometimes has a formative character and its length can vary between 15 and 50 pages commonly.


Infographics are a good way to display content. They are a combination of data and design. The success of an infographic lies, once again, in finding content that satisfies a need of your target audience. A well-designed infographic, but with information that is not valued by users, will not have good results.


In the newsletter we have come a long way, we managed to transform a stranger into a lead. That potential buyer has shared his email with us and therefore it is a direct way of reaching him with relevant content. But this does not mean that we have a promise of loyalty until the end of time; it is perfectly revocable. If we do it wrong, we will lose the lead as quickly as it arrived.

When doing email marketing it is important to remember that we are under an Inbound Marketing philosophy. As brands, we must always try to capture the potential customer through the content of interest and not essentially commercial or spammer messages.


This is a great channel to create original and relevant content for your audience. There are many ways to make a podcast, for example, if you want to position your app as a specialist in the category you are in, you can conduct a series of interviews with prominent people in your industry. A clear example is the podcast Hablemos de Mobile Marketing, where leading professionals from the mobile marketing industry share their knowledge to make applications grow.


There are many examples of content creation in video format. It is a good resource for all kinds of materials such as case studies, testimonials, information sharing, and more.


This is a material that has become very popular in recent times. Webinars can generate an increase in subscribers who, with their registration, clearly state that they are part of your buyer profile.

It allows to humanize the brand because it is almost always the company's professionals who create this type of content. Another advantage is that it generates immediate feedback in the chat or through reactions.

Presentations or Slides

Slideshare is a huge online community designed to share presentations. It is a good SEO tool to position content, especially in specific searches and qualified traffic.

Measure your Content Marketing strategy

how to measure content marketing strategies

You must measure the results of your strategy. If you publish an article on your blog or a social network, you have to analyze the number of visits, how many times it has been shared, or the links that your article has generated. You must analyze the performance of the campaign and to do so, the metrics must be analyzed. Without fully understanding and monitoring performance metrics (KPIs), you'll never know if you're doing things right or wrong. Understanding the metrics and what they can tell you is essential to address issues, create new strategies, and grow your app.

Also, it is recommended to add direct download links to measure the number of downloads generated by each source. It is recommended to measure the impact of these actions to analyze if your Content Marketing strategy was effective.


It is also important to optimize the SEO web positioning on your blog and your landing page. For that you must analyze the keywords (or keyword), search trend, and ease of web positioning, to determine which are the words, with which you could reach your target audience. After having carried out this study, you will be able to start with the Content Marketing strategy optimized for Google search engines.