Superdigital increased its average activation rate by 13%

Fintech application Superdigital joined Rocket Lab to generate activations: increase the number of users who carry out in-app transactions.


Superdigital is a Santander group Fintech, present in Brazil and expanding in more than 6 Latin American countries. With this application, users can send and receive money, organize expenses, use a card and buy in a physical store or / and online.

Once the user downloads the app and signs up, they immediately have access to various features such as Mastercard virtual prepaid cards, in-app loans, transfers, pix, bill pay, cell phone recharge, partner offers, and much more.


The objective of Superdigital was to get new users who not only open a bank account, but also make a first deposit and carry out transactions in the application, this behavior translates into a quality user for Superdigital.

In this app, to create an account you have to download the application, have a valid ID and be of legal age. From there, users can now move their money: transfer, deposit and borrow in their new Superdigital account.


Rocket Lab created an acquisition campaign focused on users with a high engagement rate, reaching a larger scale of conversions than the vast majority of players in its media mix. Rocket Lab's great differential was delivering clean, high-quality ad network and programmatic traffic through a secure cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model, providing a return on investment.

Rocket Lab was one of the most stable media for Superdigital, in addition to Google and Facebook, always bringing excellent results within the target.

Campaign results

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Superdigital achieved a 12.5% ​​increase in the average opening rate, that is, the number of users who installed the app but also opened an account. In addition, the average activation rate increased 13%: the number of users who made in-app transactions after registering.

Beyond the opening of accounts, Rocket Lab brought high quality traffic that was reflected in users with high capacity for engagement. In other words, thanks to the lifetime value (LTV) of users, Superdigital was able to scale its campaigns while keeping the cost per acquisition stable.


“Together with Rocket lab we were able to scale the campaign, increasing Superdigital activations by 13% and keeping the CPA stable. His team always got us clean, high-quality traffic. We hope to continue growing together!"

Raul Bacelar - Executive Marketing and Performance Manager LATAM, Superdigital