VIX was the most downloaded app on Qatar 2022 World Cup

VIX chooses Rocket Lab to launch its app in Mexico and Latin America.

VIX is a digital content streaming application that offers various programs, series, and movies. The VIX app stands out for its focus on Spanish-language content, including original productions, TV shows, movies, and exclusive content. In addition, VIX has gained popularity by offering free major sporting events, such as football matches, contributing to its growth and success in the digital entertainment market.


The year 2022 began with Televisa Univision's bold idea to launch its VIX app with the clear objective of bursting the entertainment market by offering quality content. However, this challenge would be difficult, as the industry was highly competitive.


With the World Cup capturing the attention of Mexicans, VIX had an advantage: offering all the matches for free. This opportunity required finding users on alternative channels to take advantage of event traffic. Thus, an aggressive campaign was created using Space technology, an adtech optimized by machine learning and artificial intelligence. This tool processes millions of data to advertise personalized ads in high-traffic apps, allowing it to reach 100% of the potential VIX users.

Campaign results


The strategy gave surprising results. VIX became the most downloaded app in all of Mexico in 2022, getting more than 1,000,000 users to watch the World Cup through its platform. In addition, there was a 305% increase in subscriptions and a 310% increase in installations compared to the previous month.

Thanks to the combination of an innovative idea, the strategic use of Space technology, and the exclusive offer of the World Cup, VIX managed to position itself as a leader in the digital entertainment market. This success story demonstrates how the intelligent use of technological tools and identifying opportunities can generate fast and exponential growth for a company. VIX demonstrated that when it comes to offering quality content, the key is to reach users through alternative and personalized channels, overcoming the limitations of traditional media.


"Thanks to Rocket Lab, we have achieved our growth targets in an exceptional way. More than 1,000,000 users enjoyed the World Cup through our platform, which is a milestone for us. We also achieved a 305% increase in our subscriptions and a 310% increase in installs compared to the previous month of the campaign."

Jair Lopez
Associate Director - Affiliate Marketing at TelevisaUnivision