Rocket Lab drives remarkable growth for FastJobs in Malaysia

FastJobs is a mobile-first job platform operating in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia and the Philippines. It positions itself as the fastest-growing job platform, specializing in the recruitment of non-executive workers. FastJobs offers a user-friendly job search platform that allows individuals to quickly search and apply for thousands of job vacancies from various industries.


FastJobs sought Rocket Lab's assistance to overcome two critical challenges. Initially, the goal was to expand their user base significantly. Subsequently, they aimed to encourage these new users to take a crucial action within the app - applying for jobs with major companies.


We devised a strategic CPA campaign focusing on user registrations. After three weeks of data collection, we conducted a comprehensive analysis to gauge the correlation between registered users and job applications. To enhance engagement, we collaborated with FastJob to develop more compelling creatives, incorporating customized visuals that showcased the app's practical usage. Through iterative revisions and optimization, the campaign's performance showed substantial improvement.

Campaign Results

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FastJobs witnessed significant success with Rocket Lab, surpassing the performance of their Google campaign. Our creative outperformed client-provided assets, leading to a higher applied job rate than organic rates. The app's increased engagement also attracted more employers, resulting in a notable surge in job postings.

This collaboration not only achieved impressive statistical outcomes but also provided valuable insights for FastJobs to measure user behavior, optimize performance, and enhance overall app knowledge. 


"Rocket Lab's strategic CPA campaign delivered great results for us, propelling our user registrations by 70% in just six months. The collaborative effort on creative enhancements and iterative optimization not only boosted our conversion rates but also surpassed the success of our Google campaign."

Justin NG, Head Of Marketing at FastJobs