How to maximize your app growth with user acquisition and retargeting


Did you know that retargeting has an efficiency rate of 1046%, outperforming all other advertising strategies? Imagine what could happen if you combine this campaign with an effective user acquisition (UA) strategy. Well-planned and executed UA campaigns increase downloads and engagement and improve return on investment (ROI).

Running retargeting and UA campaigns simultaneously creates an efficient formula for your app's growth.

Retargeting is key for reactivating inactive users, encouraging repeat purchases, and reducing app abandonment. Contrary to the belief that it only recovers inactive users, effective retargeting can increase sustained interaction, move users along the conversion funnel, and turn them into regular customers. This expands customer lifetime value and strengthens brand relationships.

On the other hand, user acquisition focuses on attracting new users through highly targeted ads that drive traffic directly to app stores. This strategy is crucial for ensuring a steady flow of new users, which is essential for sustained growth and expanding the user base of any app.


Combining retargeting campaigns with UA not only increases the efficiency of advertising spend but also strengthens the relationship with the user base.

Integrating both strategies improves brand perception and boosts both conversion and retention, demonstrating that a combined approach can lead to sustainable growth, which is crucial in a competitive market.


Retargeting and user acquisition strategies work together to guide users through the conversion funnel, improving campaign effectiveness.

User acquisition campaigns focus on attracting new users to the app through various channels such as programmatic sources, social media, and more. The more diverse the channels used, the greater the reach and effectiveness in increasing visibility and initial downloads. However, many of these new users do not immediately become loyal customers. This is where retargeting comes in. It re-engages users who have interacted with the app but haven't completed desired actions like making a purchase or signing up. By showing personalized ads to these users who have already shown interest, retargeting can remind them of the app and motivate them to complete the conversion.





An effective strategy integrates both approaches to maximize return on investment (ROI) and customer lifetime value (LTV).

UA campaigns generate an initial user base, while retargeting helps convert these users into active and engaged customers.

Users who match the criteria for retargeting ads are extremely valuable because they are more likely to make a purchase compared to those who have never interacted with the app. Retargeting campaigns complement user acquisition (UA) strategies by reducing churn, increasing revenue, and improving user lifetime value.

Keeping both strategies active ensures success for your app, achieving sustainable long-term growth.

The key is personalization and using data to optimize the message and timing of the ads, ensuring users receive relevant content at each stage of their buying journey. Running retargeting ads at the right time is crucial for their effectiveness, as timing can significantly influence the success of the campaign.


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This precision ensures that ads are relevant and aligned with users' specific interests, which is highly effective since 78% of consumers prefer personalized ads.

While user acquisition (UA) campaigns generate many new users with more sessions, retargeting truly excels in long-term engagement. Additionally, users exposed to retargeting campaigns have a significantly higher conversion rate than those who are not.


Retargeting keeps users active and engaged, maximizing their value. Therefore, these campaigns are not only crucial for reactivating users familiar with the app but also perfectly complement UA campaigns that continue to attract new users.

Data shows that users exposed to retargeting campaigns have 152% more in-app events within the first 30 days after installation compared to those who are not retargeted. By combining UA and retargeting into a cohesive strategy, apps ensure steady and stable user base growth, maximizing return on investment (ROI) and user lifetime value (LTV).


Combining retargeting and UA data allows for more effective budget use, increasing conversion and reducing costs.

Using both retargeting and user acquisition (UA) data makes marketing budgets more efficient. By leveraging retargeting data, you can focus your advertising spend on audiences that have already shown interest in your product, increasing conversion chances and lowering costs. This combination can optimize ROI by targeting ads to users with purchase intent and adjusting ad frequency to maximize impact.


Why is obtaining this campaign data crucial? Because if the top 20% of your users generate 80% of your revenue, having precise data in your campaigns is essential.

Analyzing data by combining retargeting and UA information provides deeper insights that can optimize both strategies for better results. By unifying data from both sources, advertisers can identify user behavior patterns and preferences, allowing for the creation of more accurate audience segments and more effective campaigns. This enables informed decisions about segmentation and budgeting, significantly improving campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

Our success case with KFC demonstrates the effectiveness of combining retargeting and user acquisition campaigns.

Using our technology, Space, we implemented activation and engagement strategies that achieved incredible results. The activation campaign targeted users who had installed the app but hadn't made any transactions, while the engagement campaign focused on users who had previously made purchases but not in recent days.






These results show how integrating retargeting and UA can maximize marketing budget efficiency, improve user retention, and significantly increase conversions and return on investment.

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