Rocket Shield, Rocket Lab's anti-fraud guarantee


We are Rocket Lab, the ad tech specializing in mobile growth, and we understand the importance of transparency and trust in the mobile application industry.

Just as the objective of scammers is to take a bit of the advertiser's budget, we work to counteract these practices, and as an advertiser, you do not lose money.

In another blogpost, we mentioned that fraud in the mobile industry is related to the attribution process and we talked about the impact it can have on a campaign. Attribution fraud can have severe impacts such as draining marketing budgets, polluting data, and can even turn successful campaigns into losses.

Rocket Lab's Rocket Shield guarantee helps us counteract this risk that every industry has.

What is Rocket Shield?

Rocket Shield is a set of dynamic tools, best practices, and periodic evaluations that protect and minimize the risk of fraud in mobile campaigns to reduce the probability of occurrence.

It is an anti-fraud guarantee through which we offer our clients the peace of mind of a safe and reliable environment for their advertising investments.

Rocket Shield Advantages


Traffic Validation

To ensure a healthy quality of traffic in campaigns, we test and evaluate new traffic providers.



Fraud Detection through Tech Tools

To flag fraud in real-time and post-attribution, we connect the tools of different MMPs.
In real-time, before attribution, the install is identified as coming from a fraudulent media source, and attribution and subsequent in-app events from the same user are blocked.

Post-attribution fraud can be identified on the day of installation and up to 7 days after (8 days total). Once assigned, a facility cannot be deleted. Fraudulent installs and retrospectively identified in-app events are not charged.



garantia_atribucion-pngAttribution guarantee (refers to costs)

If we detect fraud cases in the campaign, we do not charge any value of the affected investment.




Anti-fraud commitment

Rocket Lab's anti-fraud commitment includes staying up to date on the latest trends and promoting education and awareness on the subject. Some activities to strengthen the industry and protect advertisers from possible fraud are workshops and creating content on good practice trends to share knowledge with the entire industry.

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The Rocket Shield Guarantee does not affect the app's user experience. It is crucial to prioritize anti-fraud solutions and focus on high-quality KPIs to reduce fraud, as fraudsters never rest, despite today's tight budgets.

We not only make your app grow and reach 100% of the target audience and we centralize the campaigns in one place, but we do it safely for our clients.

We are committed to constantly looking for new and better working processes to stay below industry fraud rates.