Looking to win gold at the 2024 Olympics? Discover how mobile retargeting can take your app to the podium.


The 2024 Olympics are a major opportunity for brands to grow.

The 2024 Olympics are more than a sports event; they are a key opportunity for apps to use mobile marketing strategies. This global event draws billions of viewers, offering a unique opportunity for e-commerce, fintech, entertainment, and food and beverage apps to reach more people and connect with users worldwide. Retargeting can be a key player, helping your brand increase visibility and strengthen consumer relationships when audience attention is at its highest.





The report by The Big Marketing highlights the unique opportunity brands have during the Olympics to grow using innovative marketing techniques. Adapting to mobile advertising strategies in global events opens up many possibilities for connecting with current customers and attracting new ones, which is essential for maximizing return on investment.

With a 74% increase in digital viewers and a 139% rise in video views, Tokyo 2020 became the most digitally watched Olympics. It also attracted 196 million unique users to its official website and app.

During the London 2012 Olympics, using mobile devices to watch events, check results, and use social media caused a record spike in mobile data traffic, especially during Bradley Wiggins' cycling victory. Mobile searches increased tenfold in the first week compared to the previous week, highlighting the growing importance of mobile marketing at major events.

This trend continued to evolve through Tokyo 2020, where mobile marketing strategies changed how businesses interact with users. A clear example was Samsung's Galaxy S21 5G campaign, which improved communication between athletes and connected fans with the Olympic spirit through digital innovations, showing how technology can enhance the experience at global events.



This growing digitalization offers great opportunities to create innovative mobile marketing strategies that capture attention. Companies that invest in marketing during the Olympics see increased visibility and engagement. Additionally, the shift from traditional TV to digital platforms like connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) services offers unique opportunities to capitalize on during the Olympics with mobile marketing strategies. This trend is reflected in the projected revenue of USD 108.50 billion in 2024 in entertainment services (Mobile App Report 2024). Combining this with retargeting strategies allows for segmenting and personalizing messages in real-time, crucial for capturing attention at the right moments and increasing advertising effectiveness.

Retargeting can be a key strategy in mobile advertising during the Olympic Games.

Retargeting is a tool that can maximize viewer interest and engagement from the start of the games when viewers are most involved. This strategy allows brands to engage viewers with personalized ads based on their previous interactions. For example, if a viewer shows interest in swimming events, retargeting can focus on showing them related products or exclusive content about that sport, increasing the chances of conversion.

Additionally, retargeting offers brands the opportunity to reinforce their value to users. They can highlight features that match the user's preferences, remind them why they enjoy the app, or present offers that catch their attention. Retargeting not only encourages users to engage more actively and increase their spending but also boosts loyalty by 20% and reduces dropout rates among those exposed to such campaigns.

How do you set up effective retargeting campaigns? 

  • Identify a specific target and use user behavior data to improve the relevance and effectiveness of your ads.

  • Schedule ads for key moments, just before or after relevant events, to capture as much attention as possible.

  • Set limits on ad frequency to avoid saturation. Retargeting is less intrusive and reaches 70% of users, even those who disable notifications, offering a great advantage for apps seeking to reconnect with their audience.

  • Regularly review and adjust the performance of retargeting campaigns to ensure their effectiveness.

Planning is crucial for the success of your retargeting campaigns during the Olympic Games.






Companies can use the billions of viewers of the 2024 Olympics to boost their apps with mobile advertising and retargeting, improving the visibility and effectiveness of their campaigns to attract more interest and engagement.

If you need help planning and executing your mobile campaign, Rocket Lab is here to assist you. Contact us to develop an effective strategy to grow your app during one of the world's biggest sporting events.