Liverpool Pocket improves the ROAS of its campaigns with Rocket Lab by 29%

Liverpool Pocket is a well-known online store in Mexico that offers many products, including fashion, beauty, home, technology, and more. With a strong presence across the country, such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, Liverpool Pocket sets itself apart by its commitment to quality, diverse product range, and extraordinary shopping experience. 

Targeting a diverse audience, including young people and families, Liverpool's Pocket app features items from internationally recognized brands and local designers, providing options to meet all customers' tastes and needs. 


Liverpool Pocket aimed to increase in-app purchase volume and attract new users by focusing on advertising return on investment (ROAS). The goal was to increase app usage frequency and highlight the benefits of in-app purchasing.


We implemented a quality user acquisition strategy using various inventory sources, which expanded the user base at a fixed cost. We also developed a dynamic retargeting campaign to bring back users who installed the app but hadn't bought anything yet. 

Campaign Results





The campaign achieved impressive statistics, such as a significant reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) and an increase in app installations. It also facilitated tangible improvements beyond the metrics. It aligned acquisition and retargeting strategies, leading to more frequent app use and turning users who installed the app into buyers. 


The user lifetime value (LTV) improved significantly, especially after starting the retargeting campaign. We identified the best placements for Liverpool's Pocket ads, where the largest volume of potential buyers was found, which made the campaign even more effective.


"At Liverpool Pocket, we don't just sell products; we create experiences. With a strategy focused on quality and personalization, we managed to increase in-app purchase volume and redefine our relationship with our users. By merging user acquisition with powerful retargeting, we optimized ROI and also built stronger, lasting relationships with our users."

Alma Pérez - Digital Marketing Coordinator at Liverpool Pocket