American Cup: The perfect playing field for your retargeting strategy


In June 2024, the United States will host the 48th edition of the American Cup, the premier football competition between national teams of South America, extending its invitation to Concacaf teams this time.

With 16 teams competing in 14 stadiums across the country, the event will capture the attention of millions of viewers.

Sports events like the American Cup offer a unique opportunity for apps to connect with large audiences, increasing brand awareness and strengthening their market presence. Standing out in a market saturated with advertising is a real challenge today. Therefore, taking advantage of major events with an already receptive and engaged audience becomes a key strategy.





The American Cup transcends sports and becomes a powerful growth tool. Mobile apps have become one of the most important digital marketing tools for businesses to reach their target audience. Statistics show an increasing trend in digital consumption during sports events, particularly in categories like e-commerce, fintech, entertainment, and food & beverages.

According to a Deloitte study, 90% of Gen Z fans consume sports content on their mobile devices.

During the American Cup, the use and download of entertainment and sports apps significantly increased. An Ad Age-Harris survey indicates that events like the American Cup are highly valued by Gen Z. Among this group, 46% prefer to watch sports on smartphones and tablets, highlighting the importance of using these platforms to effectively capture their attention and engagement. Studies by AppsFlyer show that in Argentina, mobile app sessions increased by 210% during similar sports events at key moments like halftime.

App installations for shopping increased by 61% in Latin America during the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Sports events also significantly boost the e-commerce sector. During the 2022 World Cup, 68% of Mexican consumers preferred to shop through digital channels, especially for event-related products and special promotions. This trend will likely continue during the American Cup, where the demand for sports products and tournament-specific promotions could significantly increase online sales.

During major sports events like the Qatar 2022 World Cup, 83% of restaurants saw an increase in delivery orders.

Similarly, food delivery apps see a remarkable increase in orders during matches. On the opening day of the World Cup, food delivery app usage increased globally by 15%. This pattern is expected to continue for the American Cup, allowing spectators to enjoy the game without interruptions and facilitating their gatherings by ordering through these apps.

Apps can leverage large-scale sports events like the American Cup to drive growth and develop effective strategies while facing various challenges.

The online sports betting market will grow by 11.34% annually over the next five years.



With the growth of in-app purchases and online betting sites, fintech apps benefit from a unique opportunity during such large events. Sports betting has grown by 44% in recent years. Users need fast and secure transactions for purchases and bets, relying on fintech platforms to facilitate these transactions. This scenario offers an excellent opportunity to expand their reach and increase transaction volumes, allowing fintechs, already growing globally, to explore new market segments and maximize opportunities.

The opportunity for retargeting during commercial dates.

Many people never use apps or make purchases despite having them downloaded on their mobile devices. Retargeting is the best solution to reach these consumers who have shown interest in products or the app. Effective retargeting strategies keep the brand in consumers' minds throughout the year, and commercial dates can be a good opportunity to remind customers about an app that can meet a need during the event.

This opportunity is ideal for re-engaging users who have already installed the app on their devices. A recommended strategy is to develop personalized product offers or reinforce the benefits or most sought-after items through the app, highlighting its main features and advantages.

17.5% of apps that implement a retargeting campaign see a conversion rate of 25%. Additionally, retargeting outperforms all other ad placement strategies with an efficiency rate of 1046%.

Using advanced data analysis tools, brands can understand user behavior during the American Cup. This allows them to make personalized recommendations based on users' interests and previous activities in the app, developing retargeting strategies for users interested in specific products or activities like watching matches but did not make purchases.

Using past activity data in the app is essential for predicting which users are more likely to convert after seeing an ad. With user-based retargeting, this data can be used to adjust advertising strategies and offers to increase revenue from each user.






This approach is especially useful in e-commerce, where apps can create dynamic ads for products users added to their wishlist or previously searched for. For example, an e-commerce platform could retarget users with ads for football merchandise or sports gear during the American Cup based on previous searches.

Companies should take advantage of the American Cup to run awareness campaigns.

Retargeting campaigns are primarily divided into two categories:

  • Those focused on increasing brand awareness.

  • Those aimed at driving conversions.

Creating and implementing awareness campaigns during this event is an excellent tactic for apps to capture users' attention. These campaigns should be designed to be attractive and relevant to the American Cup, using its coverage to maximize reach.

Brands, especially in the entertainment and fintech sectors, can deploy awareness campaigns by offering exclusive content or innovative services like secure and fast transactions.

By focusing on a full-funnel awareness strategy, brands can capture the attention of a global audience, showcasing features and values that resonate with the American Cup. This not only introduces brands to potential new customers but also has the potential to convert viewers into loyal followers, as the percentage of users who remained loyal was 20% higher among those exposed to a retargeting campaign.

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